We’re fortunate to live in times when you can learn almost anything you want. What’s more, for most of the stuff, you don’t even have to go outside of your home. With online lessons, you can open up new horizons. But with this said, many are wondering about the actual benefits of taking online courses.

If you want a simple answer, there are plenty of benefits to them. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you occasionally do an online course. Be it a hobby or a profession, you can always find something good for yourself. Biology, medicine, law, music, cosmetics, video editing – you can find anything you like.

Of course, online courses are not a replacement for conventional education. Nonetheless, they’re still a great method for improving your knowledge. After all, there’s no harm in adding a few things to what you know. In fact, it can only benefit you!

With all this said, let’s take a closer look at this topic. Here are the biggest benefits of taking online courses.

Top 9 benefits of taking online courses in your spare time

Improving your knowledge and skills

Of course, this is the main reason why we all do it in the first place. The whole point of taking online courses is the improvement of your knowledge and skills. As mentioned, you can’t always use this as the foundation of your education. However, they’re more than a useful way to add a few things.

And this goes for pretty much any field out there. If you have a hobby that you like or want to get into, online courses can help. Or, it can be something related to your profession. But whatever it is, you should always seek online courses to help you out.

It can be great for your professional reputation

There’s also another great benefit here. Online courses can also boost your reputation. This, of course, usually goes for widely recognized courses. Nonetheless, taking more of them can be beneficial in this regard.

Take any employer out there. If they see a list of courses in your resume, they can only have a positive opinion about you. Of course, your main motivation here should be the pursuit of knowledge. However, having more of them can help you build your professional reputation. And that’s something that you should think about as well.


Conventional education is getting less and less popular. This goes for both official education and various courses. In fact, when it comes to courses, you don’t have that many in-person options these days. All of these things have largely moved to online territories.

And how wouldn’t they? After all, doing stuff online is way more flexible. It not only saves you time but it allows you to do it the way you want to.

Online lectures on a laptop

This is especially the case with courses that have premade or prerecorded materials. You don’t have to wait for a teacher or a coach to start the lessons. Just start doing them whenever and stop when you no longer feel like doing it.

The flexibility here is one of the biggest advantages compared to conventional education. After all, a lot of busy and employed people want to do courses on the side. Online variants give so much freedom. They can be adapted to your own needs.

Additionally, some courses may even be customized. This means that you can pay for certain classes and omit what you’re not interested in. This is yet another proof of their flexibility.

Individual attention and support

Most of the online courses also offer support. This is especially the case with courses that rely on premade materials. If you don’t have a particular teacher, you can still contact support.

What this means is that you can ask any question and clear things up. For instance, some online programming courses have browser apps with assignments. If you can’t get past a problem, or if you find a bug, you can contact support. Codecademy is a great example of this.

Of course, the same goes for any other field. No matter the issue, you’ll be able to ask. Most online courses today include this in their basic price. And that’s a very useful thing to have.

You can do it at your own pace

We mentioned flexibility as one of the biggest advantages. And it’s the flexibility of online courses that indirectly gives other benefits. For instance, online courses allow you to go at your own pace. You can start or stop the lesson at any time. If you feel overwhelmed with information, just take a break.

Or, on the other hand, you can go quicker. Compared to group in-person lessons, you sometimes have to wait. Not everyone is the same. And not everyone goes at the same pace. But if you can learn this particular field faster, why not let yourself excel at it?

Whatever is the case, learning at your own pace is a huge advantage. And online courses, in most cases, allow it. The only exception is group lessons.

More comfort

Going somewhere to actually attend a certain course in person can be tiresome. This is especially the case if you have to commute. Traffic jams, bad weather, or just long distances can be real dealbreakers.

Laptop, coffee, and dessert on a bed

Fortunately, with online courses, you won’t have to worry about any of that. You can sit at your own home at your own desk and take these courses. Or, even better, you can remain all day in your bed and still get your education. Just pull out your laptop or your phone, make a hot cup of coffee, and you’re good to go.

And why do it the hard way when you really don’t have to? After all, having all the comfort can actually help you get better results.

Variety of choices

Back in the day, if you were interested in something, you didn’t have much choice. It was usually one or two courses in your area. If you wanted to get something that suits you better, you’d have to move. Or, you’d at least have to commute longer distances.

But with the wonders of the internet, you can go anywhere. And various different courses are at your disposal. Sure, the abundance of choices can sometimes be confusing. You’ll need to take some time to choose what suits you the best. But it’s a much better position to be in compared to having a lack of choices.

Everyone is different. This means that different courses can work better for different people.

They can be cheaper than in-person lessons

Sure, online courses cost money. Sometimes, the cost can be higher than in-person group lessons. But, they’re almost exclusively cheaper than individual or small-group lessons.

Aside from that, online lessons save you money in other ways. Firstly, you won’t have to commute and spend money on transport. Secondly, you won’t spend time going there and back home. And, of course, time is money, right?

The only other expenses that you’ll have are your monthly internet bill and a computer. And you’d pay for that anyway.

You can do them anywhere at any time

Finally, we come to the issue of location. We could talk about this for days. There are plenty of people out there who deal with accessibility issues, one way or another. Sometimes, it’s just hard or next to impossible to take certain courses.

Or, there might be some other conflicts. For instance, you’ll have to travel, leading you to skip classes. Just imagine that you have to go on a trip and it’s at the same time when you have to start the course. A real bummer, isn’t it?

But online methods allow you to take courses from pretty much anywhere. You can apply or attend just by using your computer or even your phone. Even if you’re planning a vacation, you don’t have to skip classes. All you need is an internet connection. And we have plenty of that all over the world.

What you should bear in mind if you want to take online courses

Taking online courses is great. In fact, it’s starting to become a standard for pretty much any field. What’s more, some serious educational institutions are doing full programs through online courses. Pretty awesome, right?

Well, yes, this is certainly an advantage. However, you need to bear in mind that no one else can do work for you. You still have to do it yourself. As already mentioned above, getting knowledge and skills is still your main focus. This means that there’ll still be hard work and discipline involved in the process.

This is one of the things that some people tend to overlook. For some, it’s like a “trap.” They end up taking long breaks or just getting too cozy and laid-back with these courses. It can be the best course in the world and you can be at your favorite place. But if you don’t focus (and you might need these tips for staying focused) and work hard, you won’t get any results. It’s as simple as that. However, if you’re hungry for knowledge and experience, this shouldn’t be an issue.