Remember the good ol’ days? All you needed was some pen & paper and there were no screens to look at. Now, we’ll try to avoid getting all sentimental about it. One needs to adapt to its surroundings, not lament over times past. Also, there’s a good chance you were born at a moment when the pen & paper combo was already a historic curiosity.

Now, this shouldn’t mean no one writes notes by hand anymore. Actually, taking notes (non-digitally) is pretty much encouraged. Still, there are too many cool study gadgets that catch our attention. Also, another thing: the classroom isn’t where it used to be. That’s why we’ve chosen 15 cool room gadgets for online learning as our main topic for today.

Obtain solid headphones or earbuds. Afterward, add a cocktail or a coffee maker and a cool wake-up light. That will help you start the day with ease. Also, don’t forget to find yourself a video game console. Just so you can chill after a lengthy learning session. Lastly, think about treating yourself with a smartwatch. 

There’s much more from where that came from! Stick around!

Why are gadgets so important?

First things first, let’s see why gadgets hold an important place in today’s world. In other words: what makes them so useful?

The thing is: gadgets are there to simplify our daily life. They’re also saving us both time and money. That, of course, stands for proper usage of a certain device. Excessive use will just boost your dependency on it. Not to mention the fact it won’t save you any time. Quite the contrary!

All in all: you have to be the one in control! We know, we know… It’s easy to get carried away playing games on your iPhone. Still, you should try to limit your usage of this or that device.

What about study gadgets? What makes them stand out?

Recently, online classrooms became standard. Don’t worry, we won’t venture into the talk about how COVID19 changed the scenery. Instead, we’ll mention how gadgets help us adapt to the new normal. Among other things, that is.

There are many gadgets educational facilities use to keep things interesting. Imagine how much a single tablet can help high-school kids attending online classes. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many educational gadgets enable students with special needs to study without any difficulties.

Nowadays, kids are more and more immersed in the digital. That’s why it’s crucial to steer the educational content in that direction. Of course, that’s exactly where so-called study gadgets enter the picture. They’re the medium through which the students receive the knowledge without feeling bored.

Now that we’ve gone through the introductory section, it’s time to delve deeper into our main topic. Here are the 15 cool room gadgets for online learning we’ve promised to show you!

An online classroom setting, a cup of coffee, next to one of the cool room gagdets, a tablet.

15 Cool room gadgets for online learning

Wondering how to pimp your online classroom with some interesting and helpful additions? If so, you’re at the right address. Anyway, let’s see what’s all this excitement about!

#1 E-reader

A quality E-reader is a must-have addition to your online classroom. There’s just no going around this one. You’ll save a lot of space. We can assume your high-school library fits into the E-reader’s memory card.

Even old-school paper book fans will enjoy this gadget. The screen of the E-reader is meant to imitate a paper book page. Also, it uses lighting that won’t hurt your eyes, the way your phone will. This cool gadget was carefully designed so your eyes can withstand gazing at it for hours.

#2 Wireless headphones/earbuds

There’s no need to emphasize the fact students need peace and quiet. Also, they surely don’t want to get tangled up in wires. That’s why high-quality wireless headphones/earbuds basically don’t have an alternative. The people you’re living with will also appreciate this.

#3 Smart notebooks

Isn’t it a pain to transcribe handwritten notes into a digital document? Curious about whether there’s a way to skip the torture? Needless to say, you’re in luck! With a smart notebook, you can say goodbye to those tiresome transcription hours. Also, you’re doing something great for our planet Earth. In other words: you’re not wasting paper!

#4 Wake-up light

Are you having some trouble waking up? If so, we’ve got a suggestion. A cool wake-up light that simulates sunrise and sunset might be just the thing you need. This is a proven way of getting up feeling fresh & rested with (a good simulation of) natural lighting. You’re bound to see a change, believe us!

Additionally, you’ll get to choose from a number of different wake-up sounds. Forget about the irritating sound your phone tries to wake you up with!

#5 Portable power station

Imagine a study space (filled with various educational gadgets) without a power station? Quite unimaginable, right? That’s why you’ll need this gadget in the area where you study. You’ll ensure your devices are always charged and ready for use. Also, you won’t be worrying about your tablet shutting down in the middle of a class.

#6 Coffee maker

This one’s way too obvious! A coffee maker will make your study room pretty self-dependent, don’t you think? Starting the day with a fresh cup of coffee can’t really compare to anything else! Just the smell of it inspires you to do your best every single day.

#7 Ergonomic wireless mouse

Online classes demand you spend good amounts of time at your PC desk. That being said, we can assume your mouse is the place where your hand sits most of the time. Here’s a question: how does your wrist feel?  While waiting for an answer, we’ll recommend you find yourself a good, ergonomic mouse. Also, make sure it’s of the wireless kind. Just so your hand movement isn’t bound by wires.

#8 Smartwatch

How many times have you been late for an online class? If the answer’s close to too many to remember, think about obtaining a smartwatch. Additionally, if you’re used to working out, it can serve as your fitness trainer. You might think it’s a bit posh, but it gets the job done. You’ll always know when and what you’re supposed to do according to your schedule.

#9 External hard drive

Worrying about having enough space on your PC? Well, it’s time you stop doing that. With a spacey (in terms of data) external hard drive, you’ll be good to go. No more will any larger student material cause you to delete video games. Your study room should also be a place of rest. More about that subject in the next paragraph.

#10 Home video game console

Who says you only need to study inside the study room? The name kinda suggests it, but still… You’ll want to rest a bit after lengthy learning sessions. Invite a couple of friends over and treat yourself to something of a party.

Motivate yourself with a good reward system. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

#11 Rechargeable LED desk lamp

How about a desk lamp you connect to your phone’s charger? As we’ve already said, you need a good lighting system. When there’s no natural light, we have to think about the best alternatives to it. A rechargeable desk LED desk lamp is the solution you deserve.

#12 Photo printer

Who says printed photos are an obsolete trend? Also, say, for example, you’re learning graphic design. There are a lot of free online courses covering this field. It might be nice to print some of your work and hang it around your study room. Some of these devices enable you to print photos with a stickable backside.

#13 Tablet keyboard case

It’s pretty tiring sometimes to type into your tablet. That’s why you should obtain a keyboard case. It’s a simple solution, and it can come in handy. Lastly, it doesn’t take much space. A table keyboard case is a sine qua non of a cool room gadgets list.

#14 Travel tote for cables and chargers

This one is a great option for folks that are used to traveling a lot. We’re sure one could start a phone shop with all the lost cables, chargers and other peripherals. Never leave your home without these necessities. Even though it’s not so hard to find a replacement, losing them is always a bummer.

#15 USB desk fan

Learning isn’t so easy during the summer months. Of course, the school’s out. That doesn’t mean folks aren’t keen on learning outside of formal educational facilities. A USB desk fan is something of a savior during hot summer temperatures. A sweaty mind isn’t working at its best.

Final words

Alright, that’s about it, dear folks! These were the 15 cool room gadgets an online learner must possess. Obtaining one of these could make your adventure in online learning more pleasant. Anyway, hope you’ve had fun reading this one!

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