Most folks find it hard to stay focused while studying or working remotely. No sane person would ever try to disprove that one! Now, imagine you work from home with a baby. Since you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you don’t have to imagine anything. As some would say, the scenario’s downright predictable! One needs to handle many tasks if one wants to know how to work from home with a baby.

Toddlers require our utmost attention! As if someone needs to emphasize that for you, right? That’s why balancing remote working and parenting can be a bit tough. Still, there’s no need to be pessimistic here. With the right piece of advice, you’ll be totally fine!

Take advantage of multiple naps your baby will enjoy during the day. That’s when you want to do the toughest of tasks. Also, try to work standing up with your baby in the carrier. Don’t bother yourself with guilty thoughts. Lastly, take frequent breaks to recharge your brain! 

Now, that was just a quick snapshot of what we’re about to show you! Stay tuned!

Is it possible to stay focused working from home while caring for a toddler?

As we already said, there’s no room for pessimism here. Of course, it’s possible to do remote work while caring for a newborn. Even though it may seem like a hassle sometimes, it’s no biggie! Just think about the positive side of the situation. You’ll get to enjoy your child’s company instead of going to the office. Although, quite many folks today actually miss going to the office every morning.

Anyway, are you expecting a baby anytime soon? If so, you’ll want to know toddlers like to sleep a lot. There’s a good chance you’ll have time to focus on work while the baby’s enjoying her favorite activity. Also, expect something similar to the next sentence. You’re sitting at your computer desk, and the baby’s sleeping on your belly. It’s something puppy owners will get used to pretty quickly.

Also, by reading the lines above, you can assume a great deal of work’s done in short bursts. There’s just no going around that one. You’ll have to act immediately if you notice your baby needs attention. Of course, it’s always best if you’ve got someone to share the responsibility with. Still, this article could also help single parents in need of an expert’s advice.

Lastly, you might want to accept the idea baby will eat up much of your free time. For a certain period of time, you won’t be the most important person in your life. Still, it’s really a sacrifice you make without many, if any, doubts. You may hear folks complain, but that’s only natural. They’d never trade places with anyone else!

Okay, so that’s about it for this little intro section. Let’s check out the main dish, i.e., how folks can work from home with a baby. Stick around for some useful info!

Man and woman enoying some family time with their baby


How to work from home with a baby and stay focused?

So, let’s get started! Here we’ll show you some tips on how to introduce balance to your family life. In other words: how having a baby and doing remote work go hand-in-hand.

Multiple naps a day are a blessing

There’s no need to argue with this fact. You’ll appreciate the time the baby spends napping. Before toddlers reach their first birthday, they’ll take naps a couple of times per day. It usually happens once in the morning and again during the afternoon. That’s the time you’ll want to use to handle difficult and important tasks.

Don’t hesitate to hit your work hard while the baby’s asleep. Most parents try to make the best out of the little “free time” they have on their hands. Also, it’s not unusual for a parent to play video games while the baby sleeps on their belly. So, yeah, it’s not that you’ll only work during your baby’s napping sessions. You should free up some time to rest, too.

Do some work while they’re awake (and calm)

Most parents would tell you babies are calmest after they’ve had a meal. Some also note post-nap period is pretty chill, too. Schedule some difficult work in those little time frames. That’s when the baby’s most content to enjoy some independence. Don’t forget to reward this kind of behavior. Show genuine interest in what the baby does by herself.

Also, if you’ve got work-related phone calls to make, aim for… Yup, do it while the baby’s napping or enjoying the after-breakfast vibe.

Put your baby carrier to some good use

You’d be a fool to underestimate the supreme power of your baby carrier. Make a standing desk, and wear your baby while standing up. Also, if your baby allows it, wear them while you go about your home. For instance, you can your laptop on your kitchen counter. Swing back and forth for a while. The baby, safely resting in your carrier, will soon fall asleep. Subsequently, you’ll boost your productivity.

Technology to the rescue

As the age-old saying goes: technology’s there to make our lives easier to handle. As we’re sure you’re familiar with, the last sentence isn’t always so truthful. Nevertheless, certain gadgets can make parenting less complicated.

For example, you can add Google Docs to your phone’s memory. You’ll get to edit documents without having to sit down at your desk. We assume you’ll be walking around your room a lot with your kid in the carrier.

Another way technology helps us handle life better is related to communication. With programs like Skype, your toddler can have an online babysitter. Grandma can amuse the little one via video chat while you get some work done.

Lastly, find some soothing baby music on YouTube. Of course, this ambient music isn’t exclusively made for babies. You’re bound to enjoy it, too!

Take breaks

Don’t forget to give yourself some time to rest every once in a while. Let’s say it’s time for a break! Take your baby around for a 30-minute stroll around the neighborhood. You’ll give yourself some time to recharge your brain. Also, you’ll give your kid a chance to stimulate theirs. Additionally, you get to enjoy some wonderful scenery together with your toddler.

Put an end to a guilty conscience

We’ll try to be quick here. Don’t bother yourself with unhealthy thoughts. Raising a baby and working remotely at the same time isn’t the ideal scenario. That’s why you should be less hard on yourself. There isn’t a way you can engage with your baby every little second. So, chill!

Many future parents will be facing this challenge. Why? Well, because remote jobs are becoming more and more dominant. There seems to be no going-back-to-the-office parade in sight.

The best way to use the weekend

What’s there to be done if you want to take advantage of weekends? For instance, you might want to cook Saturdays or Sundays. That’s how you’ll have lunches & snacks ready for the upcoming week. Also, weekends allow you to spend time researching activities for the next week. Just so you don’t end up being stuck in the middle of the week. Without a plan for your little one, that is.

Do away with other distractions

There’s no need to mention this, but you’re already short on free time. If possible, remove so-called time-wasters from your daily life. Social media is probably the most widespread time-waster out there. You can use apps that block your access to social media during working hours. Also, it might be good to schedule half an hour each day for household chores. Just so you don’t constantly get up from your desk.

How to work from home with a baby and stay focused? (a summary)

As always, here at Libgain, we’ll do a summary of the things we’ve learned today. So, what were the tips on how to work from home with a baby?

  • Take advantage of the time the baby spends napping. You might want to do the toughest of tasks in this period.
  • Post-nap and after-meal time are also great. Babies like to play by themselves and are usually quite calm.
  • How about making a standing desk and putting your toddler in a carrier? You’ll get to swing your baby to sleep while working.
  • Use gadgets and other technology that makes parenting easier. Also, find some cool baby music on YouTube.
  • Take a break! Give your mind some time to recharge.
  • Don’t bother yourself with negative thoughts. Parenting is tough, especially when you’re working from home.
  • Use weekends to make food for the whole week. Also, plan your weekly toddler-related activities.
  • Spend less time on social media. Additionally, do away with the rest of the time-wasting activities.

That’s about it for today, dear folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this one!