Nowadays, there are many opportunities that await you in the world of online learning. Is there a topic that you’ve always wanted to master? If so, there’s an online course waiting for you to enroll. Easy as that!

Let’s say photography was your childhood dream. With all the flexibility online courses can provide you with, you’re pretty able to fulfill it. Whether you’re bad at schedule organization or living in the countryside – it’s doable!

As you can assume, there’s a variety of quality online classes. Also, the number of topics is limitless. With that in mind, we’ve selected the most interesting topics to learn about. Just so you don’t lose your compass choosing the right subject.

Before we continue

This will be a quick one. Here we’d like to point out that motivation is the key to success. Whichever online course you choose – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re motivated to learn. If you have some trouble with online learning, click here to learn how to be a successful online learner.

It’s easy to get lost in various choices out there. Pick a topic you find most intriguing, and stick to it! We’re sure you’ll find something to your liking below.

Topic #1: Photography

Let’s start with the one we’ve already mentioned above.

The basics

Photography is one of the most interesting topics to learn about online. Many folks enjoy this hobby long-term. It’s also very cost-effective. For starters, all you need is a camera and an inspired pair of eyes.

What’s so interesting about photography?

Well, it’s still a relatively new art form. Advancements in technology gave everyone a chance to capture some wonderful moments. Moments that would otherwise sit silently somewhere in our unconscious.

Let’s give you an example of what a single camera can do. Imagine you’re taking daily hikes across the town. You want to share something amazing that you saw with your friends. Well, take a photo! A camera can turn a regular city walk into an artsy adventure. Or, a hunt for beautiful imagery.

Where to begin?

The answer depends on your plans. If you’re just starting out, it might be best if you choose the simplest course you come across. Do you have friends that are into photography? Ask them to recommend you a good beginner’s course.

If you already have some experience with the camera – that’s another story. You want a class that fits your needs. Therefore, you might want to try Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom courses. These programs are an essential part of the contemporary photographer’s toolkit.

Or, maybe you’re interested in shooting on film? Is analog photography your thing? There are online courses for that, too.

Can I make money with photography?

Of course, you can. There are many ways you can earn funds using your camera. For example, you can sell stock photos or get paid for editing other people’s pics. Also, you can start a photography blog (a mix of business and pleasure).

To sum up

If you’re a beginner – try the basic courses. Otherwise, pick a topic within the photography specter. It’s highly possible you’ll find exactly what you need.

Most folks have that one friend with a passion for photography. If there’s someone like that in your surroundings, ask that person for suggestions.

Topic #2: Interior design

Now, this is one of the hottest topics you can find on the market. Currently, that is. We don’t know how long will the trend last, but it really doesn’t matter. Interior design is evergreen, so to speak.

Is there anything I should know about interior design?

As always – there is. Even though we’re all skilled in interior design to a certain degree. Going beyond that point is what really counts.

Homes are physical manifestations of our innermost feelings. Sorry for the awkward step into bad poetry territory. Anyway, the way your home is decorated has a large impact on your everyday life. Objects that you surround yourself with have a certain energy. Maybe the way they’re positioned is more significant?

Enrolling in an interior design course will give you a fresh vision for your home. You’ll be introduced to fantastic home design ideas. A change in your closest surroundings might be something you need!

Benefits of working as an interior designer

Wondering what they might be? Here are some of them:

  • a growing market demand – as we said, there’s a strong demand for interior designers in today’s market.
  • the freedom to do wonders – the painter has a canvas, but you have the whole house.
  • overall job satisfaction – the fruits of your work are in plain sight.
  • flexibility – there are many branches on the ID tree you can specialize in.
  • financial stability – it’s a job that pays off (greatly).

Now, these might be benefits only professionals enjoy to the fullest. Still, you never know where a single online course can take you.

Where to find interior design courses?

There’s plenty of quality interior design courses available online. As we said, it’s best if you have an insider friend to recommend you a good one. If that’s not the case, you can check out this page.

A girl studying an online course. Wondering what kind of interesting topics to learn about are out there? You're at the right address.

Topic #3: Creative writing

If you’re aspiring to become a (professional) writer someday, this one’s for you. Online creative writing courses are a great way to kick-start your career.

What’s there to know?

Alright, most of us picture creative writing courses happening in college classrooms. You may think it’s not so romantic to enroll in an online creative writing course. The reality is always a bit different.

Creative writing courses are not about whose short story is better or something. Although, they can turn into that movie-like picture. They’re about learning the craft. In other words: you’re there to learn about basic narrative composition.

Will it make me into a literary giant?

Unfortunately, an online course cannot suddenly turn you into a star. Who would’ve thought? Still, there are many benefits of online creative writing courses. Here are some of them:

  • you’ll garner some critical thinking skills.
  • you can learn to accept criticism (some folks, unfortunately, never do).
  • you’ll earn a broader vocabulary (which is undoubtedly a positive thing).
  • by developing characters in your stories, you’ll practice empathy.

There are many other positive traits creative writing courses possess. These were the most obvious ones.

How much do writers earn?

The answer depends on how far would you go in calling someone a writer. Do you consider copywriters as writers? If so, there are many job opportunities lurking around. You just need to start looking for them. Once you start the search, you’ll see that you can earn decent money solely because of your writing skills.

Now, if you were to write a bestseller novel… Well, we don’t have to finish this one. You already know.

Topic #4: Cooking

We can all agree that cooking is very close to being an art form. What are we saying? It is an art form. It’s also one of the most interesting topics to learn about with free online courses.

What’s cookin’?

There are fantastic online courses for future cooks and chefs. And you know what else? The demand for online cooking courses is very high. That can mean you can expect a quality competition.

But, let’s be honest. Most folks don’t expect a financial reward after they finish a cooking course. It’s something that they do out of pure pleasure. Everyone knows that having a cook in the family is a gift from above.

Okay, but what if I still want to earn some funds through cooking?

That’s absolutely doable! For example, you can take up some french pastry lessons. Who knows? After you gain some experience you can open up an online pastry shop. You can even do catering for big events or birthdays.

There are many options one can stumble upon. If you’re living in a big city, you’ve noticed new food joints popping up all the time. Imagine opening up your own place. Also, suppose it gains a cult following among fellow food lovers. How does that sound?

Other benefits of online cooking courses

There are other benefits of online cooking courses we didn’t get to mention:

  • they inspire kitchen creativity.
  • you’ll get to make healthy food that’s also quite tasty.
  • you’ll have a chance to meet other cultures through their cuisine.
  • they’ll save you money, even though that sounds ironic.

Okay, let’s elaborate on that last bit. Knowing a wide palette of fantastic cooking recipes is, of course, a good thing. You’ll know how to make the best food with cheap ingredients.

Interesting topics to learn about with free online courses – a quick summary

So, there you have it, folks. These were some of the interesting topics to learn about with free online courses. Let’s do a quick revision. Here are the nominees:

  • Photography. A great way to mix business and pleasure.
  • Interior design. Something that you already do to a certain degree.
  • Creative writing. The sooner you put aside the movie-inspired fantasy of CW courses, the better.
  • Cooking. Taking cooking classes will benefit you on so many levels (personal, professional, etc.)

Hopefully, you’ll pick out something from this list. With so much info we’re surrounded with, it’s important you find a path. Whatever you choose – we’ve got no doubts you’ll achieve greatness.