Are you worried about having no experience working remotely? Also, are you struggling with having no work experience whatsoever? If your answer to both of these questions’s a loud YES, then… Let’s keep it simple! By the end of this text, you won’t have a single concern blocking your professional progress.

Nowadays, it’s not that hard to catch up with your peers. All you’ll need is patience and good ol’ persistent motivation. Whether we’re talking about education, work, or both – it doesn’t matter. There are so many ways one can learn and earn some experience online. In the article below, we’ll show you 8 fantastic tips on how to land a remote job with absolutely no experience.

Ensure you’ve got a well-designed functional resume. Don’t forget to include a well-written cover letter. If you’ve got some friends working remotely, ask them for suggestions. Also, it’s safe to assume a solid profile on Upwork doesn’t have an alternative. Lastly, try voicing your opinion via online surveys. In other words: earn some easy money on the side. 

Now, this was only a snapshot! Needless to say, we’ve only just started!

How’s it possible to land a job without experience?

Remember the famous conundrum about work and work experience? I can’t land a job because I don’t have any experience. I don’t have any experience because I can’t land a job. It’s something you’d call the neverending job-hunting circle. We’ve coined the term right now, so please have mercy. Anyway, if there wasn’t a way to break that circle, we’d have quite of an issue.

So, yeah, it’s very possible to land a gig without experience in any type of work. The job pool isn’t as tight as one might think. There are a number of options people never hear about. That’s exactly why they find it easier to complain about the fact no one wants to hire them. Of course, we’re not saying the job hunt’s way too easy for anyone to complain.

Let’s cut to the chase! The thing is: there are many online platforms enabling folks to find work with no experience. For instance, Upwork is a great place to start. These job directories offer just about anything for just about anyone. You’ll find everything from inserting raw data into digital databases to translating content.

Also, another thing:

You’ll find a bunch of free courses online. With them, you’ll be able to obtain a set of skills that won’t go unnoticed by potential employers. It’s not just the experience they’re looking it. Boost your chances by updating your skill pool with free courses. There’s nothing you can’t learn!

Many folks found jobs because they acquired a certain set of skills through courses. We see no reason why your professional path shouldn’t resemble theirs. Okay, it looks like we’ve got the intro section covered. Let’s see those tips on how to land a remote job with no experience!

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8 Tips on how to land a remote job with no experience

Many folks around the globe are struggling with this question at this very moment. We’ve already said it’s doable. We’ve already mentioned where one looks for online jobs. What else’s there to say about this issue? Continue reading to find out!

#1 Work on your presentation (craft a killer resume)

One might think: a killer resume without any experience? Well, I’d be a fool to believe that one. Sometimes, it’s completely alright to act like a fool. This is one of those days, friends. Anyway, you’ll need to sell yourself in the best possible way. That’s exactly the purpose of a killer resume!

There are three standard types of resumes. One points out your skills (functional). The other puts your experience upfront (chronological). Obviously, that’s not the one you need. The third one represents a combination of the two (combo resume). It’s safe to assume you’ll want to choose the first one: a functional resume.

Don’t forget to find a well-designed resume template. Just type into your browser: functional resume template. Believe us, you’ll want a resume that looks professional and pretty at the same time!

#2 Don’t forget to include an outstanding cover letter

Since you don’t have any experience, the resume you’ll apply with isn’t your focal point. By writing a cover letter, you’ll make up for everything that’s missing in your resume. So, what makes a good cover letter?

  • Avoid commonplace phrases. The recruiting teams need to see some originality. Starting the letter with “To whom it may concern…” isn’t really the best you can come up with. Try something new, but never go too informal.
  • Put an emphasis on the skills you’ll bring to the team. Don’t be afraid to be a little self-confident!
  • Don’t write a novel instead of a letter. Make it short, but sweet!
  • Make sure the recruiters get the idea you’re a goal-getter. Just don’t write something like: I see myself as the ambitious, goal-getting type… God knows how many similar sentences have their eyes seen.

#3 Are you sure you’ve got no experience?

We’ll be quick here. Before you conclude you’re inexperienced, it’s best you give it a second thought. Even if there’s something you’d rather not mention, you might as well give it a try. See if there’s a little summer gig you did or something, and include it in your resume. Just make sure it’s somehow relatable to the job you’re applying for.

#4 Create a profile on various social platforms related to finding work

That might be too long of a title, but it’s nevertheless pretty simple. Once the killer resume’s done (along with the cover letter), it’s time you create a killer profile. Where? Without a profile on LinkedIn or Upwork, you’re not so competitive. That being said, you know what’s there to be done!

#5 Make your own website (showcase your skills)

This is a nice addition to your Linkedin or Upwork profile. A website that points out your skills and non-work experience ain’t so bad of an idea. It will give you more credibility in the eyes of your potential employer.

Also, the folks you’ll be working with will know who they’re dealing with! Sounds pretty lame, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, it’s completely true! Your own website will surely boost your chances of successfully landing a gig!

#6 Ask your friends

Where are the best referrals? They’re among your friends. If you’ve got buddies working remotely, you’ve got nothing to worry about! Not to mention they probably know all the tricks of the trade. Whatever that trade is, of course.

Always look for support in your nearest surroundings. You’ll be amazed at how people can react! Studies show that friends are more likely to help you out if they notice you’re motivated! This also sounds a bit naive, but still… It won’t hurt you to try, right?

#7 Try doing online surveys

This option is the best while you’re on a job hunt. Looking out to earn some good money on the side? Like to share your opinions with others? If so, online surveys are the way to go. You’ll get to do both!

There are many online platforms offering this kind of service. You’ll either earn money or certain rewards (you won’t regret earning)! It all depends on the platform and the payment option it gives to users.

Online surveys are your go-to option if the job hunt prolongs itself. Also, they, in a certain way, fit the description of remote work.

#8 Make a cozy, yet professional atmosphere for an online interview

Last but not least, make yourself comfortable before doing an online interview. If you’re looking for remote work, it’s pretty certain you’ll have to endure an online interview. Ensure you’ll have a peaceful place with strong WiFi. Also, wear clothes you feel confident in.

If you’ve got noisy roommates, make sure you tell ’em something important’s coming up! A little solidarity never hurt anyone!

8 Tips on how to land a remote job with no experience – a sum up

We’re getting near to saying goodbye! This is the right time to do a bit of a checkup! So, what have we learned today:

  • Make sure you create a killer resume! Find some cool functional resume templates.
  • Don’t forget to attach a good-looking cover letter! Avoid commonplace phrases.
  • Think about all the work you’ve done so far! Are you sure you ain’t got experience?
  • Create a solid profile on Upwork or similar platforms! There’s no getting around this one.
  • Showcase your skills by creating a website! Show them you mean serious business.
  • Ask around friends! They’re your kindest support.
  • Do online surveys if the job hunt’s taking too long! Earn money on the side by voicing your opinion.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere for online interviews! You’ll feel much more confident presenting yourself in peace.

Final words

That’s about it, dear Libgain readers! Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this one as much as the last!

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