As a rule of thumb, learning to code will invariably propose a number of advantages. There are endless possibilities, by all means. Be it making a quick buck on the side or pursuing a career. Having some essential programming skills can make website management quite easier. Likewise, it can make you less reliant on developers to make and run tasks, lowering prices in the long run. Is it possible to learn about coding for free?

Are you a job seeker or career switcher? If you are, coding can open up doors to diverse programming careers. Many of those are, by all means, in high demand.

There are many free online courses out there. Yet, s it possible to learn about coding for free? To assist you to choose where to learn to code, here is a list of the top free online coding courses and resources.

Learning to code can, by all means, be quite inexpensive. Indeed, you can learn to code absolutely free. There are tons of free resources out there. Whether you want to master a new programming language or begin a code-based task.

The benefits of internet learning

There is general stigmatization about learning online. Some people believe online courses are not as practical as standard ones. Nonetheless, they don’t know that online learning has many benefits, per se. You have greater flexibility, more time, and money back in your pocket.

In this article, you will find websites that are an ideal option for coding enthusiasts. They deploy an identical set of ventures for members. You are able to learn, practice, commit, truly code, and see your errors. Also, you are able to comprehend what you have done well and track your improvement.

Without further ado, let’s hop into these most steadfast, free-of-charge academic websites. With a particular focus on learning to code.

#1 Codecademy

Codecademy is one among many websites to learn to code. What can you find there? It proposes free and paid lessons on a broad range of programming topics. Learners can pick their class based on the language they want to learn. Or, based on their preferred career path.

The free-of-charge coding lessons mostly cover elementary knowledge. Yet, there is a number of intermediate ones as well. Not only do they cover necessities like HTML and CSS, however. This amazing website also highlights precise programming languages, per se. For instance, Go and Swift. These languages are primarily for Google and Apple apps, sequentially.

Be mindful that Codecademy doesn’t propose certificates for its free courses. To obtain them, think of purchasing the Pro package. This package costs $19.99 per month. Are you a student? If yes, there is a 35% discount.

#2 Coursera

Coursera is the principal online education platform. It partners with top academics and businesses. Likewise, it presents high-quality lessons for in-demand skills – together with coding. The subject library is extensive. Be it for instance computer science, web development, or machine knowledge.

Many of the courses are free. Yet, you will have to pay approximately $40 or more to get a diploma and whole exact tasks. The paid courses, however, usually arrive with a 7-day free trial.

The learning method typically uses a mix of many things. From video content, lesson materials, quizzes, and participant platforms. Learners can likewise set a weekly learning plan to remain focused and motivated. Coursera likewise has a non-technical range of lessons. That can help you comprehend a broader array of matters. That includes creative design, digital marketing, and also taxation planning.

top free online coding courses

#3 edX

Let’s take a look at edX. This is a nonprofit that sides with world-class colleges. A few of them are Harvard and NYU. They furnish more than 3,000 free online courses. The lessons are freely available. Yet, gaining certification and doing lessons for grades demands buying the course. The price ranges from $50 and $300.

There are as well many elementary coding classes. On languages like HTML, JavaScript, SQL, C, C++, and Python. As another option, there are specific programming courses. For example, website building, app development, data systems, or software engineering.

Not only do they have videos, however. The courses usually contain tasks, exercises, and seminars. All this is in order to make the learning experience more correlative. Learners who enroll in the free path will have access to these materials until the defined end date.

#4 Udemy

Udemy is an online schooling platform with more than 130,000 internet courses. In point of fact, most of them do have a price. Nevertheless, there are lots of free choices as well.

The development class alone has more than 2,000 courses. This contains programming languages, WordPress, game development, and more. Do not hesitate to filter the preferences. You can filter them by duration, language titles, course elements, or subcategories.

There are, by all means, so many options out there. How to choose the right course? Generally speaking, it’s best to start with classes with a high star rating. Also, try not to forget about the number of reviews. Check the lecturer’s certificates and the number of learners. Do that to see their respectability.

#5 freeCodeCamp

They have a 3,000-hour curriculum and more than 40,000 graduates. freeCodeCamp is one of the best platforms to learn to code for free. Its learners have guaranteed jobs at prominent businesses like Google and Apple.

What happens after you sign up? You can see a bunch of courses. They sit from a newbie to an advanced rank. That way, you can start your coding studies right away. So, you can avoid spending hours peeking for a fitting class. Likewise, learners will earn a free certification after finishing a course.

What else is there to mention? freeCodeCamp learning and code interface has a quite responsive UI. So, you can comprehend how to code from a portable device. What happens after completing all the available coursework? In that case, try to think about giving the tests a try to sharpen your coding skills. What if you need some assistance? There’s a community panel for consulting projects. Also, you are able to ask for feedback from learning allies.

#6 MIT OpenCourseWare

The OpenCourseWare Initiative permits free entry to MIT’s undergraduate and graduate lessons. What else is there to consider? That also takes in the ones from the computer science plan of action.

Newcomers can begin with the Introductory Programming Courses, per se. They will be able to learn basic theses to acquire programming skills. That can be computational counting, and core to languages such as Java, Python, C, and C++.

The learning materials come in video lessons, online texts, tasks, and exams. Also, even some personal assessments. Yet, OpenCourseWare doesn’t propose certificates or degrees.

#7 W3Schools

This is the biggest web developer spot on the market. W3Schools come prepared with coding tutorials, examinations, and practices to help new learners. What else is interesting about this platform? It has many benefits for non-English speakers

Start by selecting the programming language and reading the initial materials. This website also has a code editor to try the connections and see what they look like from the user’s experience.

Otherwise, take the quizzes to determine your knowledge level. After that, decide which subject to learn next. Lastly, this platform covers all things from HTML to Python. It’s also a useful reference resource for developers to make their tasks.


There are so many classes and coding tutorials out there. You may get confused when choosing the right one. cracks this issue by featuring only the best help voted by the developer society. How to actually begin this journey? Type the subject you want to learn on the search engine and pick it.

After that, the page will display a list of the most trending courses. Each course request comes with testimonials from fellow associates. This can, by all means, be beneficial to your decision. You can out the Roadmaps. That is community-advised education tracks for becoming developers or designers. They have many tutorials on how to learn to code.

#9 Udacity

This medium provides a broad scope of free and paid courses. Those courses help learners master their skills by taking on real-life projects. With that, you could land a job straight after enhancing your professional skillset.

You have a free scope with the duration you need to conquer your next tech skill. Also, the freedom to pick from their various options, by all means. What are those options? Their types include Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and many others.

#10 SoloLearn

This unique platform has altered learning to code into something quite interactive. SoloLearn works to build a community of developers where learners can collect points.

It is open both on the web and on a mobile device. Thus, you can learn remotely, at any time. Moreover, you can become part of the discussion. You can ask inquiries and respond to other people’s inquiries. You can check out ‘Code Playground’ and make new friends.