There are plenty of online marketplaces for building a recurring income. Yet, Etsy stands out from all of them. It is a dreamland for creatives! Are you excited about custom-made pieces, vintage? Maybe you prefer designing personalized items yourself? What are the 10 things you can sell to make money on Etsy? Read on to find out all the useful tips on how to sell on Etsy.

In this article, we will talk about the best things to sell on Etsy to make money. Also, there are crucial steps that lead to shop visibility and exceptional SEO. They include but are not limited to:

  • keyword research
  • posting frequently
  • social media marketing
  • email marketing
  • exceptional products

Be mindful that generating more sales isn’t easy. Yet, it can be an excellent way to earn a quick buck long term.

Speaking of items you can sell on Etsy, there are many of them. Those can be printable digital items, handmade jewelry, handmade candles, old items, and so forth! 

Should you start selling on Etsy?

Etsy is one of the most popular marketplaces nowadays. Research suggests, Etsy has gained around 90 million enormously growing active members. This is specifically for 2020. More than 70 million new shoppers have registered on this amazing platform. Yet, among sellers, the competition constantly increases.

Etsy is the best choice. Do you want to sell vintage, handcrafted, made-to-order items? Yet, on other online marketplaces, you will come across a much bigger competition. Some of them might not even relate to your niche. You can even consider taking an online course to learn more about these platforms. Be it Etsy or Shopify, it’s valuable!

How many individuals purchase from Etsy?

As we already know, Etsy has over 150 million active possible shoppers all over the world. Having this in mind now is the ideal time to start selling your products on Etsy. By doing so, you can get your products to be visible to a wide audience.

Let’s take a look at the best things to sell on Etsy to make money with it.

Advantages of selling on Etsy

Etsy enables each seller to get going an adjusted online store. It comes with full online business expertise. Also, it runs your business by using its primary set-up wizard. How to sell on Etsy? Setting up a store is easy, agile, and an efficient approach to making money. How can you possibly not love Etsy?

  • Personalized shopfront. Similar to other marketplaces, Etsy allows customized shopfronts. It lets enthusiastic dealers post all of their pieces in one place. It stamps their store, puts a logo, and creates their privacy policies.
  • Enormous audience. We already know that Etsy has an amazing 40+  million active members. Yet, amongst them, 40% are loyal buyers. It is a statement of the customer’s appreciation for Etsy. These are great metrics. They enforce dealers to open their Etsy shop and start selling as quickly as possible.
  • Engage buyers. Etsy offers third-party sellers to engage their shoppers. It allows third-party sellers to leave their social media nicknames. Also, they can post coupons, and involve email marketing. All this helps them to stay in touch with their targeted viewers individually.
  • Etsy ads. By enabling Etsy ads, you could reach a bigger audience. Whether you are a new seller or your SEO isn’t quite on point yet, Etsy ads can surely help. Be mindful that not everyone can gain from this. Some shoppers state that they have better revenue without these ads, however.
  • Paying in parts. Buyers can now simply buy things and pay in parts. Etsy sellers will get the full amount of the order. Yet, it’s only that the buyer has the advantage of paying in parts. Both sellers and shoppers will profit from this. This is especially beneficial for US Etsy shoppers.

Tip: Are you looking for interesting topics to learn about with free online courses? Simply by taking a design course, it can be beneficial to your Etsy shop.

Etsy bestsellers

 #1 Notebooks & Journals

Etsy primarily exists because of this idea. The idea of different and lovely handmade arts. Thus, journals and notebooks are a must on this list. Notebooks have a consumer base of their own. Buyers feel compelled to purchase the item because of its authenticity. Also, the ability to customize and yet personalize.

Notebooks are essential for many projects. Thus, selling them can generate you huge amount of sales! So, If you target companies and stationery fans you’ll likely grow a regular shopper base! Don’t forget to take a look at digital notebooks as well!

#2 Jewellery

Jewelry will eternally be Etsy’s favorite. Notably throughout gifting seasons such as New Year or Thanksgiving. Research suggests that over 50% of women want jewelry as their primary gift at Christmas. That’s a bunch of possible buyers. Notably, this gives the seller many niches to pick from. Miniature and fine, or big and flashy?

Let alone, the men’s jewelry demand. Jewelry for men also falls into this best-selling section throughout the holiday season. Here are some of the bestsellers from this category:

  • bracelets
  • silver pendants
  • crystal ornaments
  • stretchable rings

#3 Art prints

These pieces can sell for anywhere within $5-$70 a collection. Many things depend on the size. This is much more affordable than restoration or redecorating. Yet, let’s not forget about digital art prints. What are those?

Digital art prints are golden eggs of Etsy. There are no shipping costs and trouble. A buyer makes a purchase. The item is there and ready for download. Yet, sellers receive the money without any additional worries. The most popular prints at the moment are dictionary art prints.

Not to mention that digital wall is are much more affordable than canvas prints. Purchasing them a buyer saves both time and money. The seller has twice less work to do. Plus, they don’t have to worry about package delays or other common issues. The most popular prints at the moment are definition art prints.

Make certain to create a variety of common-sized prints so you’re providing to a wider market.

#4 Natural soaps and creams

Yes, people are tired of all those chemicals in every single body wash or cream. Now more than ever, people are peering into the components on the back of those cosmetic bottles. It’s no surprise that natural cosmetics production is growing.

Are you looking for best selling cosmetics on Etsy? Look no further as Etsy has everything! From natural lip balms, soaps, creams, and even natural deodorants. As a rule of thumb, the earth is waking up to plastics and contamination. Therefore natural and vegan cosmetics industry can only expand as time goes by. But have you seen those beautiful custom-made soaps on Etsy? They are simply stunning!

#5 Handmade candles

What about candles? Everybody loves candles! From witches to school teachers. You don’t have to sell candles only but you should incorporate them in your shop. Still, it’s a sincerely burning market on Etsy.

Bestsellers in this section use up the complete page one. Also, the largest part of page two is in the search listings. This is exceptional. Does this mean there are a lot of people desiring to purchase candles? Yes, and they can instantly turn into repeat customers. Note that most of the candles on Etsy are eco-friendly.

#6 Bath bombs

You have presumably seen this one already. Yet, there’s a great idea behind it. People simply love bath bombs. They are beautiful, pleasant, and smell marvelous. It’s worth mentioning that some sellers made a multi-million dollar shop of these.

To get ahead of the competition, target a smaller, but more faithful niche. For instance, focus on bath bombs for those with tender skin. Can you make them environmentally safe and skin-friendly? If such is the case, your Etsy shop may instantly thrive!

#7 Greeting note cards

Greeting cards are in demand. People need them for weddings, birthdays, business meetings, you name it! They can be funny and bright. They can even be a bit dark and mysterious. One thing is for sure however, printable cards are bestsellers on Etsy.

People love Etsy especially because it holds things you cannot just get in the street stores. Nine times out of ten, you can personalize your card. There are printable cards as well as physical ones. Plus, physical cards are super transparent and have low shipping prices.

#8 Mugs

Entertaining or interest-based mugs can instantly top hit charts on Etsy. Are you a fan of funny phrases, inspirational quotes, or love designing? What about Game of Thrones or Harry Potter? Easy, but charming personalized mugs are a must-have. Especially on cold days!

If you have trouble picking the perfect Christmas gift, mugs are the way to go. Personalized or classic. You cannot go wrong by gifting someone a perfect mug, particularly for coffee lovers.

#9 Wedding items

The solution to best-selling wedding pieces and accessories? It is personalization.

There’s an essential trend. This trend is working throughout the bestsellers in Etsy’s wedding section. Sellers are offering customers the chance to personalize every segment of their pieces.  This makes reason given how valuable wedding days are for most people. Think of creating wedding cards, decorations, or gifts.

Also, don’t forget about bachelorette/bachelor party presents. The common couples pay a minimum of $600 each for the bachelorette and bachelor parties.

#10 Plants

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Many people do sell plants on Etsy. Are you a plant lover? You can deliver plants and take care of them. Then, you can pronto turn your passion into a business.

Usually, the rarer the plant, the higher is the cost you can set. Yet, there are many simple houseplants on Etsy. You can quickly grow them into bestsellers!

Now you know the financial benefits of this interesting way to make money off your passion. Simply by using a bit of creativity.