Switching to online-based education has been a life-saver to many. And, in all honesty, it seems like the way of the future. Like it or not, the method is way more practical than conventional education. After all, you don’t have to bother traveling anywhere. But then we come to the next question: what makes a successful online learner?

And it’s something that you should ask. It seems that plenty of people are getting accustomed to this model. But not all of them are good at it, right? Some still have to go back to the conventional ways. Even though they are more difficult, the old ways seem more effective to some. But what if you’re doing something wrong?

Yes, it may seem a bit weird. But there are things to know for you to get accustomed to the online learning method. After all, online learning proved to be a bit tricky for some students. The same goes for online work and office work.

With all this said, we’ll get more into the matter and explore the issue. So here are some of the things that make a successful online learner.


This is the part that rarely anyone wants to discuss. It’s hard to find a person who admits that they have to get more disciplined. Getting over this step is crucial for any aspect of life. And it’s especially important for online learning.

Why? Well, you can compare it to any other activity. For many people, if not most, it’s hard to work out on their own. And if you’re attending an online lecture from home, your attention might not be all there.

You’ll have to get used to this setting. But you have to “cheat” yourself into it. This means that you’ll have to remove all distractions around you as much as possible. If you know that, for instance, your phone distracts you, just get rid of it.

The same goes for anything else. Dedicate these few hours ahead of you to lectures. And that’s it. Nothing else should be on your mind. Of course, the process takes a lot of time. But discipline is something that you should practice. It won’t come overnight.


We could say the same thing about motivation. Now, this is an essential component here. You need to want to learn about this stuff, no matter what. But, in this case, there’s not much that we can say. You just have to be into it. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time doing any kind of learning, but especially the online type. It’s really a shame to miss out on the many benefits online learning offers.

Persistence and consistency

Look, education of any kind is hard. Or, in other words, anything that takes a lot of time and effort is hard. Well, that’s not a surprise, but you need to be fully aware of it. The only way to deal with something that’s hard and takes a lot of time is persistence.

Persistence is, in many ways, in relation to discipline and motivation. And it’s the best way for you to get better at both. In practice, this means that you should attend your online lectures. Go step by step, but cover everything. Being persistent is the only way for you to get good at it.

The best way for you to look at it is through consistency. First, write down all the online lectures and lessons that you have. Then go through them one by one and tick them off. Being persistent will, eventually, be a great boost to your motivation.

Time management

Good time management will do the half of work for you. At first, it will be difficult to get yourself accustomed to it. But, after a while, you’ll wonder how you ever went a single day without it.

Once again, having good time management is a skill. It’s something that you should practice. It all starts with setting your monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Focus on daily goals and stick by them. Eventually, you’ll start moving things around to focus on your lessons.

This is especially important if you have pre-made lessons or pre-recorded lectures. When you think you can do them at any time, you end up not doing them at all. You just leave things for tomorrow. Try and act as if these are your conventional lessons. Set your alarm clock and start lectures at a specific time. Act as if you’re actually going to school.

Time management is an important skill. If you master it, you may even have enough room in your schedule to earn money online.

Proper technical skills

It’s implied that you have proper technical skills if you’re attending online lessons. But not everyone has them. If you don’t, then get them covered as quickly as possible. You might think that this is an impossible task for you. But it’s not.

Besides, it’s the 21st century. Not being acquainted with some tech basics is like being illiterate. Like it or not, phones and computers are your windows to knowledge. In between YouTube videos, you can actually go and search for something useful. And it’s the most practical and time-effective way.

You want to be competitive in what you’re doing. Knowing how to properly use a computer is a must. And there’s no arguing about it. If you have trouble with technology, try and cover this tutorial from start to finish. Then proceed to get familiar with Zoom or any other online chatting platform.

Creating a proper learning environment

Setting a proper learning environment is way more important than you might think. Sure, you might feel super comfortable at home. You might feel really comfortable at your favorite coffee shop or a pub. But having your comfort does not mean that you’ll be effective at doing online lessons.

Every successful online learner will know how to deal with this. If you’re at home, try and have a separate room for online lessons. And make sure to keep it as tidy as possible. If you can’t have a separate room to spare, then set a corner of the room to serve as a “working area.” And, most importantly, keep your whole room tidy.

As already mentioned above, you’ll also want to get rid of all the distractions. If you have a TV in your room, or a gaming computer, have it covered with something. You don’t want to be tempted to turn this amusing contraption and give up on your daily lessons.

Two people enjoying an online class.

And, most importantly, make everyone know that this is your learning time. Aside from coaching yourself, you need to coach everyone else that this is your time. If you’re living with someone, let them know that you plan on attending lectures at a given time. And make sure to stick to the schedule, or no one else will take you seriously.

You should also set your phone to the “do not disturb” mode. If possible, shut it off completely. Or, if you’re attending lessons from your phone, then try and set it to airplane mode. You don’t want to be distracted by your friends, family, or your partner with trivial messages.

Patience and focus

We’d say that this is the hardest part. As you may already know, we’re bombarded by constant information. It’s all around us. In fact, you might have been distracted several times while reading this guide. This collective ADD is a real thing.

And it’s exactly this that gives us serious trouble with patience. It seems that we can’t just sit down and focus on something. You can’t even seem to go through an episode of your new favorite show in one sitting.

Sorting out your patience is just like obtaining any other skill. Go step by step and reward yourself for new efforts. The goal is to manage to keep focus during a lesson. If you have a serious problem with patience, then start with 15 minutes. As days go by, slowly increase this time by a minute or two. Have an alarm clock with you and do your best to keep your focus on it.

There’s no easy way to become more patient. But, at the same time, this is essential if you want to be a successful online learner. There’s just no going around it.

Knowledge and skills should always be a priority for a successful online learner

No matter the learning method, the main goal is always the same. Be it online or in-person, nothing works if you’re not motivated to learn. You have to be interested in the matter to be effective at it.

And this also goes for online learning. There’s no magic learning method or any simple trick that will turn you into an expert. Although, there are good engagament strategies you can implement. Anyway, you need to want to be good at this particular field. Otherwise, you’re pretty much wasting your time. In that case, both online and conventional lessons will be pretty ineffective.